Who We Are

  • We are a network of Wisconsin lake organizations who collectively help each other build and maintain their websites without needing extensive technical knowledge. 
  • Our mission is to help lake organizations use technology to communicate effectively.
  • Each organization has an individual and separate WordPress website on the network.
    Wisconsin Lakes, our state-wide non-profit dedicated to conservation, enhancement, and restoration of Wisconsin lakes, provides this network.

Member Testimonials

  • Our website, definitely allows for better communication.” Pam Ahles More »
  • WAMSCO.org was very easy to set up and
    maintain.” Shanda Hubertus More »
  • We appreciate the Lakekit volunteers who provide support and updates.” Marty Wilke More»
  • With no previous experience in web development, I have learned to build and maintain our website.” Karen Reynolds More»

Site Locations

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Join the network anytime with free volunteer help for a basic site or a modest fee for a more complex site
Contact us with your questions.

Learning Tools

Resources for building and maintaining a lakekit.net site
A free online WordPress manual
Online lessons provided by WordPress codex 
A fee-based online teaching resource with many useful WordPress lessons. Check with your local library as it may be a free service they offer.
A website devoted to teaching users how to use their WordPress sites
A free online tool that explains HTML, CSS and many other coding languages you can use on your site.
An online learning community design to get you to the next level. If you are looking to learn or sharpen you coding skills check out Codecademy.

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