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Our lake organization, the 14 Mile Watershed Alliance, was incorporated as a nonprofit in early 2021. We had worked with LakeKit in another organization for several years prior to that. So when we needed a website for our new organization, we didn’t hesitate to contact Lakekit. Within several weeks they had a skeleton website set up for us. Several months later we had added our content and had a fully functional website up and running. 

Our LakeKit site has been one of the key ways we communicate with our membership and other residents in our lake community. We post our meeting agendas and minutes, news and events, monthly newsletters, lake water quality data, and much more on our site. Many of our lake area residents are here only part time, and the website is a good way to keep in contact with them the entire year.

The LakeKit sites are easy to create and manage. From the initial setup, through implementation and maintenance, the team has been readily available with advice, updates and support.

Phil Rockenbach, Treasurer
14 Mile Watershed Alliance