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2. Admin Bar

The site admin bar is a reflection of the information, plugins and tools available using WordPress. It’s a quick place to see what WordPress believes is important information for us to access at a glance. The information will change based on the plugins that are activated and content that is available via the quick links that will help us create engagement with users quickly, such as comment notification and add new.

Your newly installed website comes with the following admin bar links activated
  1. Network  Sites (“My Sites”) – network site information
  2. Current site information
  3. Customize page link
  4. Comments page link
  5. Add new content link
  6. Purge cache link which is important when you have made a change to the site and have updated the page but don’t see the new content active on the site
  7. Logged in user information and link to your profile page
  8. Site search tool
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WordPress Widget Frontend

A. Network Sites (My Sites)

Network sites keep track of all the sites you belong to on the site.

Sub menu
  2. Your site

B. Current Site

Current Site displays your site name

Sub menu
  1. Dashboard
  2. Themes
  3. Widgets
  4. Menus

C. Customize Page

Link to the “Customize” page, which is a place to modify the site characteristics.

No sub menu

D. Comments

Link to the comments left on your site by users.

Comments can be turned off.

E. Add New

Links to allow you to add different content or a new user.

List of default items you can add
  1. Post
  2. Media
  3. Pages
  4. Post grid
  5. Users

F. Purge Cache

Tool needed to clear page content and formatting that were saved in the browser’s memory. If you make changes to the page and do not see them take effect on the page, make sure to push this button to clear the cache and refresh the page.

G. Logged in user

Logged in user displays who is logged in at the moment.

It also has a sub menu that allow you to do a number of things such as 
  1. Edit my profile
  2. Log out

H. Site search

By clicking on the spyglass you can open a box where you can enter search terms and search the entire site for specific information.