Media Library

Media Library The media library contains the various files that have been uploaded to a WordPress site for use as site content. These files may be images that can be displayed on a webpage or other files such as text that can be linked to in a webpage. Uploading Media Files Add to the Library […]


Widgets What are Widgets? Widget are small predesigned self encapsulated programs designed to place specific information on a webpage. What are Widgets used for? Widgets have been known to be used as calendar,  login portal,  menus, background images, to display feeds from other sites, to display feeds from within the site, to display newest posts […]

Page Content

Posts vs Pages WordPress uses both posts and pages to display information to the website user. Here we will use “webpage” to refer to the display a web address (URL) delivers. Posts are the individual stories, articles or any form of singular information one might want to share such as an event or a tutorial. […]


Links are a section of text or an image that when clicked on delivers a site user to a designated internet page. Text Links This text “” is linked to the home page of basicsite-2. When “basicsite-2” is clicked in the previous sentence, the browser takes its user to To create that link, first […]