1. A New Website

1. creating the website – Finding The registration button Navigate to the login site URL lakekit.net/wp-login.php Look for Register link at bottom of page Click on Register WordPress Widget Frontend

2. Registering Yourself

2. register yourself Your first step in creating a new website is filling in your login information. User Name – write it down for future reference Must be more than […]

3. Register Your Site

3. Register your site Site Name (“Site Domain”): The site name or domain is the¬†lakekit.net name you will use to navigate to your site, for example “blueberrylake.lakekit.net” – write it […]

4. Congratulations Page

4. Congratulations Page The next page is the Congratulations Page. This tells you that you have entered all required information so that we can create a site for you. It […]