LAKEKIT NEWS December 2018

First off, let me thank all of you who have participated in Lakekit over the course of 2018, whether by maintaining an existing website or by creating a new one. And for those of you waiting in the wings, we look forward to bringing you online in 2019! I also appreciate the patience all of […]


Welcome to the new Lakekit! Hello Lakekit users! As you’ve probably heard, Lakekit is now a program of Wisconsin Lakes. We hope to bring more resources, more tools, and more sites on board in the coming years as part of our strategy to help build your organization’s communications capacity and foster better information sharing between […]

Lakekit Memo – January 2018

This month’s memo is an update on our work to transition the overall responsibility of our network to Wisconsin Lakes, our state-wide nonprofit “Speaking for Lakes”. We are now working closely with Northern Graphics Operations (NGOPS), a web services business in the Twin Cities. NGOPS has professional experience with WordPress networks and is assuming the […]

Lakekit Memo – December 2017

Hi again to Lakekit Members, We have important news to share! Network Operations Improvements We are extremely pleased to announce that Wisconsin Lakes (statewide non-profit working to protect our lakes) is taking on overall administration of our network. In addition, a web services business will transition next year to doing most technical network tasks. These changes will […]

Lakekit Memo – November 2017

Planning Update We continue to progress in arranging to transition our network in 2018 to a more sustainable operation. These negotiations are with our current volunteer network management (Larry and Karen), UW-Extension-Lakes, Wisconsin Lakes (the state-wide non-profit helping protect lakes), and a web services business. UW-Extension-Lakes and Wisconsin Lakes are enthusiastically offering their participation in […]