1. Front End

1. Front End The “front end” is what site visitors see plus a toolbar across the top of the screen to access common administrative areas.  It consists of several parts: Admin bar Header Content Sidebar Footer WordPress Widget Frontend Admin bar The admin bar provides you with the information you are going to need to […]

2. Admin bar

2. Admin Bar The site admin bar is a reflection of the information, plugins and tools available using WordPress. It’s a quick place to see what WordPress believes is important information for us to access at a glance. The information will change based on the plugins that are activated and content that is available via […]

3. Header Area

3. Header Area The header area for your new site is made up of the Site Title and the Site Description. More elements that can be added are Background image Site logo Social media icons Menus WordPress Widget Frontend

4. Content Area

4. Content Area The content area is made up of the content and a sidebar. The content can include text, images, videos, music, embedded pages, photo galleries and many more options. The sidebar holds information like menus, links to social media, and lists. WordPress Widget Frontend

5. Footer Area

5. Footer The footer area is useful for holding legal and contact information. In this new website the footer contains the copyright information for the site, a link to the company that designed the website, a link to WordPress because as an open source piece of software it’s good practice to give it credit, and […]