1. Site Edit

Editing the Site To start editing the new website click “Customize” on the Admin bar at the top of the screen. WordPress Widget Frontend Customize The “Customize” window will give you access to various sections to start changing the look of the site. WordPress Widget Frontend Header background The “Header Background” section is broken down […]

2. Post Edit

Post creation and editing Navigate to your website dashboard, which will be a speedometer icon on the left hand sidebar. Click on “Posts” in the left sidebar menu list.   WordPress Widget Frontend Moving Posts to trash First get rid of the default post that comes with your new website.To do this: Select the post […]

3. Page Edit

Page Content Page content is like post content. Both are structured the same way. The difference is in the use. Posts are transitory and are meant to change. Posts are the cool little tidbits that keep people coming back to your site. Pages are for information that is meant to stay the same for a […]