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How to download the model basic site page templates

Step 1 Downloading the zip files

Download model basic site templates by downloading these zip files

Step 2 Locating Templates in the dashboard

In the dashboard select Templates in the left side menu bar.

Step 3 Starting the Import Process

Click Import Templates to open the dialogue box to add the zip files.

Step 4 Choosing the file

Click the choose file button to open the file dialogue box and select the zip files you just downloaded.

Step 5 Importing in the templates

Click on Import Now to add in the templates from the zip file.

Once you are ready to import the templates click on Import Now button to add the templates to the Elementor library.

Step 6 New Elementor library has been loaded

You should see this list added to your Elementor Library.

You can now use the Demo site page templates in your site design through the Elementor My Templates list.