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      Speaking of archives, I’d like to set up an archival file function, so that as documents that are posted are moved to an archival file and replaced by current documents (e.g. – keeping a 2-yr listing of agenda, minutes, treasurer’s report on main records/resources page, remove older documents to area that are still retrievable by search tool I have at top right of my website pages). How do I set this up? Currently if I use the search tool to find something (an agenda that is posted on that page), get strange results “Larry test, then written listing of all the posted agendas, and below that under website’s tab “Records & Resources” another written listing of all the agendas. So guess I need to do something to make an archival file and search tool work for us.

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        This is not something built into our current network. To automatically move anything 2 years or older to a new page would probably require a developer to modify coding, something better done on a standalone WordPress site. If a plugin were available to do this, my recommendation would be to see if other members would be interested in using the same plugin because we want to avoid plugin “bloat”. If doing this manually was acceptable, separate pages for each report type (minutes, treas report…) could be created for documents 2 years or older. Then a list of links to these pages could be placed in a right sidebar titled “Document Archive” that only displays for the page with documents younger than 2 years.

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        Thanks Larry – I’ll discuss with our board, since this was a request by one of the board members as we got ready to go live. I’m not sure that our files older than 2 years would be that popular/worth the effort but will see.

    Viewing 2 reply threads
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