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        Is your lake organization interested in storing all its historical records in one place with easy access from your site? The Steering Committee is investigating cloud storage (data/files stored on remote servers accessed from the internet) to supplement sites’ storage space. Currently, sites are limited to 300 MB of storage at the hosting servers. With cloud storage, lake organizations have the option to store all their historical organization records (minutes, newsletters, reports, plans, stories, budgets…) in the cloud and maybe eventually eliminate saving paper records more than a few years old. So far, we have demonstrated a free system to archive up to 5 GB of records in the cloud with automatic backup of the archive in a separate location. These records can be easily accessed on sites using links to the cloud files or folders. If Google Drive is used as the cloud storage space, Google’s powerful search abilities offer special capability. The archive can be searched for key words in the content of the archived files, even if the files are scans from paper documents. This type of free searching is currently not possible for files stored in the WordPress media library.

        We are seeking up to three site managers who are interested in helping us demonstrate archiving records in the cloud. If you would like to discuss this option further, please reply to this forum topic or use the Contact Us link at the homepage.

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