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        I created a page for ‘Turtles in Our Watershed”, however when I name it, it is renamed This indicates to me that there is already a page called, and the link does show such an empty page, but I do not ‘see’ it in any of the files on the site. Is there a way to see the file hierarchy or another method I can utilize to find and delete the phantom turtle page? thanks, Stan

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          Check the trash. Maybe removing a file with the same name in the trash will allow removing the “-2”

          Larry B

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            Hi Stan,

            Larry is right.

            When you have a page or post that has a number after it so it reads page1 instead of page that usually denotes that there is a file with that same name in the trash.

            You need to look at the files root classification either Pages or Posts in the dashboard menu   in this case Pages and then Trash.

            You will find a file with the same name already created and living in the trash.

            You can delete it from there and then go back to the page you want the number removed from and edit the permalink to reflect the information you want.

            Ken Justiniano

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              thank you Larry and Ken!
              However I am still stumped and would appreciate a bit more help. I did indeed find the ‘page’ in the trash and deleted it. But I still cannot get the edit (dropping the ‘-2’ in to stick. I have purged the ‘SG Cache’, logged out and back in, and hit update from the pages menu. I also checked the ‘settings’ and did not find one for this type of function. When I do a search for ‘turtles’ in my list of ‘Pages’ another page (HealtyLakes) does show but has no trace of the word ‘turtles’ in it.
              thanks, Stan

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              Karen Reynolds

                Stan, have you changed the permalink for the page?

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                  I agree with Karen. The permalink needs to be deleted and auto regenerated.

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