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      Is there a way that if you post photos on a page/tab that anyone could click on the image to have enlarged image come up and also read the descriptor for more info about a particular photo? For example on Facebook, the photos that are posted can be clicked on and that happens, so can see images closer/larger and read more about picture.
      Can’t seem to find where in media, images this option is available. Is this possible? Thank you.

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      If in a page, hover over the image and click. Next click on the pencil icon. At “Link to” select “media file”. To label the image, enter a caption. If you want the media file to open in a new tab, click the Advanced Options and check the “open in a new tab” box. Update the Image Details screen. Finally update the page. For the Image widget, go to Appearance -> Widgets -> Image: and click on the image. Follow the steps similar to above.

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      Followup on options for galleries: Marty ended up using the WordPress built-in gallery. The template-a that members started with has this built-in gallery enhanced through the Jetpack plugin. For multiple images on the same page, this built-in gallery is easier to place the images on the page than the typical image addition and allows clicking on any gallery image to get a larger view. With the larger view, advancing (carousel) through the gallery images, reading a description, and displaying the full-size image is available. To use the built-in gallery, click the Add Media icon top leftt of an edit page. Next select Create Gallery top left. Select the images to include in the gallery. Create new gallery bottom right. Make layout selections. Choose gallery settings. Insert Gallery..Note also that still another option is to use the NextGen gallery plugin.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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