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      I have been seeing Elementor Pro and activate my license for awhile. What is this? I need to update page titled Board of Directors and It says Elementor. Did I miss something?

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      Elementor is a “drag and drop” plugin, to make building and maintaining websites easier, that the Steering Committee (Mike Engleson, Karen Reynolds, Larry Bresina, Ken Justiniano) is offering to new members now and will be offering to all existing members later this year. Our web developer business, Northern Graphics OPS (Ken Justiniano) recently purchased the Pro version of Elementor which requires a license key. This shouldn’t affect any of the members who currently use the Weaver Xtreme theme (all members except those who attended the 2018 Workshop at the Lake Convention). Mike Engleson, Wisconsin Lakes Executive Director, will be sending an update on operations later this week. Mike, please correct or add to this comment if needed.

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