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        WordPress users may be assigned several different role levels, each with a different set of capabilities. Most users have the role of Administrator for their lake organization sites. That means they can control everything involved with building and maintaining their WordPress website – content, appearance, menu tabs, etc.

        Four lower levels of control are also available to assign someone in the organization.

        • Editor – somebody who can publish and manage pages and posts including those of other users.
        • Author – somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.
        • Contributor – somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.
        • Subscriber – somebody who can only read the site pages.

        If an organization needs more than one individual to help maintain its site, consider making them an Editor. Editors can manage a site’s content (posts and pages) but cannot modify most other site characteristics such as the menu. Assigning the Editor role instead of Administrator to other site maintainers helps avoid inadvertent modifications to the site setup. In the Dashboard, select Users, then Add New to add an Editor. An organization can utilize the Author and Contributor roles to help with special post categories such as newsletters. The subscriber role is utilized for all members to visit the Members Only area of the network site when logged in because all members are subscribers to that site. More complete explanations of the WordPress roles and their capabilities can be found at the support section.

        Because we are a network of sites within, one higher level than Administrator exists, a Super Administrator who manages the entire network. The Super Administrator can, for example, determine which plugins and themes are available to Administrators.

        The Steering Team provided the above explanation.

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