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1. Front End

The “front end” is what site visitors see plus a toolbar across the top of the screen to access common administrative areas.  It consists of several parts:
  1. Admin bar
  2. Header
  3. Content
  4. Sidebar
  5. Footer
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WordPress Widget Frontend

Admin bar

The admin bar provides you with the information you are going to need to know to navigate the site and provides you with links to vital information about your website. You must be logged in to the site to see your admin bar.  


The header section contains the information that identifies your website and organization to the world. In this new installation you have only a Site Title and a Site Description. You can add more information via the “Back End” (see Section 2 #6).


The content area is where any information you want to share with your website users will go. Images, text, links, video, music and much much more can be shared with your users through this section of the page. 


Sidebars are a section on the website where you can control the kind of information shared with your users. Sidebars may contain menus for page navigation, social media feeds, calendars, sign in links, and links to promotional features like upcoming events or links to sell items.


The Footer area is where legal and contact information about your website and organization normally goes. This should be as short as possible with links to more extensive items like terms of service pages, contact forms, or any legal text that you think you may need to make sure you are protected legally.