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The gallery is made up of collection of images that you choose to display.

In this lesson we will go over making a new gallery.

Step 1: create a new page for the gallery

  1. Add title
  2. Add a category
  3. Click Add New Category
  4. Click either Save Draft or Publish

Step 2: Edit with Elementor

  1. Click Edit with Elementor

Step 3: Add Image gallery

  1. Grab and drag in the image gallery widget, which is in the “General” section of widgets.

Step 4: Add images

  1.  Click Add Images

Step 5: Select Images

  1. Select images you wish to add to this gallery
  2. Click Create a new gallery

Step 6: Arrange Image gallery

  1. Grab and drag the images to rearrange images
  2. Click Insert gallery

Step 7: Image Size

  1. Change Image Size to Large
  2. Click UPDATE

Step 8: Image Spacing

  1. In the Style tab, et Spacing to Custom
  2. Set slider to 15
  3. Click on UPDATE