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Important Lakekit Memo -June 2017

Widget Display Issue

Last week, I noticed that some of our sites were no longer displaying certain sidebar widgets as intended. On further investigation, the image widget was found to have lost the settings that determine which page the widget displays on. The result is that those widgets are now displaying for every page instead of just those previously selected with the “Visibility” button at the bottom of an opened widget. I have now received confirmation of my suspicions., that this issue is the result of a bug in some recent updates to WordPress core and the Jetpack plugin.

To fix this issue, first visit your site pages and determine which widgets (should be the image widget) are displaying on all pages instead of on just the pages you want them displayed on. Then go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets, open the widget displaying incorrectly using the triangle icon at the top. Click the “Visibility” button at the bottom and set the pages you want the widget to display on. Visit the Sidebars and Widgets page of the base site for instructions for using widgets.

A more detailed explanation for those interested:
The WordPress core software was recently updated to version 4.8. This update included an image widget that has the same functionality as the image widget we have been using and provided with the Jetpack plugin. The Jetpack plugin staff works closely with the WordPress core software group so the Jetpack image widget has been abandoned and automatically replaced with the image widget now built into the WordPress core software. Unfortunately, this replacement has not retained the visibility settings in the replacement, at least in some instances.

If you need help in correcting the widget visibility settings, please contact me, and I will help you get the widget display settings you prefer.

Google Groups Interest

 A previous inquiry on using a Google Group to help each other out with site building and maintenance resulted in four members expressing an interest. This seems to be an insufficient number to justify starting up such a group. We could still consider doing this at a later date or investigate a different group such as a Facebook Group or others available. But for now, a member communication group will be put on hold. As always, please feel free to share your ideas on this matter.