Jetpack Connection

These instructions show how to disconnect and connect Jetpack.

  1. Log into your site using your administrator username and password.
  2.  Disconnecting Jectpack
    1. Visit Dashboard -> Jetpack -> Dashboard
    2. Scroll down to the Connections area
    3. Click “Manage site connection”.
    4. Click the Disconnect button.
    5. A message  will appear that you have disconnected from Jetpack.
  3. Connecting Jetpack.
    1. Log into your account in a separated browser tab.
    2. Visit Dashboard -> Jetpack
    3. Click the Setup Jetpack button.
    4. The next page should show that you are connecting to the account that you logged into.
    5. Click the Approve button.
    6. On the next page, scroll down to the Start with free button and click it.
    7. On the next page scroll to the Connections area. The site connection box should indicate the site is connected.

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