Websites for Wisconsin Lake Organizations

Lakekit Memo #3 Network Updates

Below are information items to keep you updated as our network continues to evolve.
Especially note the phone numbers and email addresses provided in item 2.
1. Site Blocking Explanation. I obtained more information on how the hosting company decides to block the sites if a suspected cyber attack occurs. If their system detects 5 login failures within a short time, the sites will be temporarily blocked. Then if this type of login failure happens 3 more times over a predefined period, the sites will be permanently blocked until a release is requested in contacting them. This corresponds to our experience in the workshop last week. We were blocked, but while I was talking to the hosting person, it came back on. Then later, ignoring the additional WiFi failure, the site was permanently blocked, and I had to get the hosting service to unblock the sites. So if several users are accessing the sites through the same WiFi access (same IP address), the combination of several users’ login failures in a short time could cause the sites to be blocked. Multiple users in the same location but through mobile (tower) access should not be as vulnerable because each phone is going to be counted separately. In special cases like we had at the workshop, we can call ahead to whitelist the WiFi IP address. This blocking is a real pain for users, but we are much more vulnerable to cyber attacks now than just a few years ago. So I keep telling myself to appreciate the effort the hosting service is providing to prevent successful attacks.
2. Alternate Network Administrative Help. Karen Reynolds, who provided the hotspot for us to “limp” through the workshop, has offered to be an alternate person to contact the hosting service if something like being blocked should occur again. Most hosting services will encounter occasional brief service interruptions. But if your site becomes inaccessible for at least 15 minutes, and you still have internet access, please call me first. If I do not respond, please give Karen a call. We will contact the hosting service to request fixing the issue. I will be out of the Country April 22-May 4, so Karen will be available during that time. Many thanks to Karen for her help!
        Larry Bresina
        Karen Reynolds
        xxx-xxx-xxxx call this number first
        xxx-xxx-xxxx call this number second
3. Page Load Time. Sometimes the sites take unusually long to load a page, and sometimes the pages load very fast. This is a characteristic of shared hosting. Shared hosting means other accounts are using the same server to deliver internet pages. The good news is that our current hosting server is scheduled to be updated sometime in the next couple months. So, hopefully, we will see significantly shorter load times soon.
4. Upload file size and total storage size. A couple sites have evolved to the point where the default file size limit of 2 MB and total site size limit of 200 MB is insufficient. As a result, I have increased the limits to 6 MB and 300 MB, respectively. Keep in mind that a webpage does not need file sizes nearly as large as most cameras now can create. Usually 1600 pixels as the maximum dimension in either horizontal or vertical direction is sufficient for a photo. Also other files such as pdf can usually be saved in a “for web” mode which reduces the file size. WordPress has a facility to reduce the dimensions of an image. Click on an image in the Media Library. Click the “Edit Image” button to access scaling and cropping options.