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Lakekit Memo #4 Network Updates

Jetpack Contact Form

As mentioned in an email April 4th, using the Jetpack “Add Contact Form” (button to the right of the “Add Media” button in an edit page) sometimes misses getting the submitted form to the intended receiver. I have contacted both Jetpack and Site5 (hosting) to try to resolve this issue. Without getting into details, the missing emails can be corrected through using the Postman SMTP plugin which has been added to the plugins available for you to activate. The testing I’ve done so far shows that this plugin reliably delivers the form data to the designated receivers.

Also mentioned in the April 4th email was the recommendation to use the Contact Form 7 form instead of the Jetpack contact form. I still recommend that because it is easy to use, especially if you use the default form shortcode. If someone still wants to use the Jetpack form which was activated in your template-a startup sites, please contact me. I will guide you through setting up the Postman SMTP plugin.