Websites for Wisconsin Lake Organizations

Lakekit Memo #5 Network Update

Hi to all the users. This message is to let you know that I am back from our Europe River Cruise and now better able to help you with your sites. Thanks to Karen Reynolds for communicating the hosting improvements while I was away. There were 7 WordPress component updates that were offered during my absence. I have done those updates today. Then I scanned each of the 11 network sites and concluded that the current sites fall into 3 categories, each with 3-4 sites:
A fully functional site that should be made public
A good start on producing a fully functional site but not ready to go public
Not much started on producing a fully functional site
My main questions for those who do not yet have a complete site are (1) do you plan to complete your site in the next few months and (2) how can I help those who want to get a site completed? Feedback on the following would help me decide how to proceed:
Main barriers to getting a site completed at this time
Not enough time available?
Have not found a volunteer who is “techy” enough?
Too much to learn?
Wondering if a website will be worth the effort?
One of the goals for the network is to provide a system for lake organizations to produce and maintain their website without needing much outside help. The basic components have been the home base, the half-day workshop, and 2 hours of free assistance.
Is 2 hours sufficient?
Is the guide information at helpful?
Need to repeat the workshop without losing the internet connection?
Need a longer workshop?
Specific areas of concern – explanations would be helpful
Header area?
Editing text and images?
Photo galleries?
Using contact forms?
Text or image links to other webpages?
Theme settings – layout, colors, fonts?
Sidebars and widgets?
Footer – remove theme author reference?
Using plugins other than those provided in template-a?
Hosting issues such as page generation time?
Would like my own standalone site?
My hope is that we produce 10-15 useful lake organization sites during 2016 and then decide how to best proceed next year.
Have a great summer,