Websites for Wisconsin Lake Organizations

Lakekit Memo #6

Hi to all users.

A few weeks ago I sent the email below asking for feedback on your site building process. Among those responding, most are either making great progress or delayed due to other schedules and priorities. Thanks for that update. Your feedback helps me figure out how best to help you with your sites.

Below are a few suggestions:

1. Your site was set to discourage search engine indexing when it is was first set up. As soon as you want your site to be public, visit Dashboard –> Settings –> Reading and uncheck the “Search Engine Visibility” box. Then save changes. Currently, the two sites in the pilot study last winter are listed on the home page – and I would like to show links to all public sites on the home page. So please let me know if/when you no longer discourage search engine indexing.

2. A primary goal for the network is for members to build and maintain their own sites. As a member, you are entitled to 2 hours of no-charge help anytime this year. Step-one for any site is to identify the main reasons (goals) for providing a lake organization site. Step-two is to gather content (text and graphics) related to the reasons that could be used to start up the site. Step-three is to actually publish the content. If you have step-one and two partially completed and find yourself hesitating to work on step-three, consider a one-hour phone discussion with me to become more comfortable with the publishing step. This session could be set up so I can view your computer screen as you perform steps of adding content and publishing. That way, you get hands-on practice, and I can help you through the process. Hands-on is usually the best way to learn and remember the various steps.

3. Keep in mind that the Theme settings allow you to change the appearance of your site. Go to Dashboard –> Appearance –> Weaver Xtreme Admin –> Main Options to change colors, text properties, and layout characteristics. Always save your current theme settings before making theme settings changes. That way you can always return to your previous settings. Save theme settings at Dashboard –> Appearance –> Weaver Xtreme Admin –> Save/Restore –> Save Current Theme Settings.