Websites for Wisconsin Lake Organizations

Lakekit Memo #7

Below are insights on site privacy and membership clarifications.

Site Privacy

To avoid cyber attacks, be sure that passwords for your site are strong passwords. Passwords can be reset at Dashboard –> Users –> Edit. Scroll to the bottom of the page to “New Password”. Enter only a password that registers as “Strong” and click the “Update User” button to save that new password. As the network administrator, I cannot determine what your site passwords are. The network administrator can, however, access your administration area (backend) just like your site administrator can. As the network administrator, I will not access your site content (posts, pages, media…) unless the site owner grants permission or network troubleshooting should require my access. I may occasionally monitor what components (such as plugins) and settings are used so that I can determine how to improve the network in general.

Network Membership

We currently have 11 members in our WordPress multisite. Two Wisconsin lake organizations are considering joining. As indicated in the past, we are open to a total of 15 members this year. If you know of any Wisconsin lake organizations that might be interested in joining the network, please let me know and I will contact them to explain the network operation. For new members, I prepare a template-a based site for them to start with. Then they have a 30-day trial period. They may cancel without paying the membership fee anytime during the trial period.

Because the network hosting fee is paid up to December of 2017, the fee will stay at $50 again next year. After June of this year, the 2016 $50 fee can be reduced to $25 if a new member pays the 2017 fee of $50 at the time of joining. The 2016 fee covers the following:

  • Network hosting fee
  • Funding a reserve in case technical help is needed
  • Network administration
  • Up to 2 hours of free help to members
  • Site building guidance at
  • Access to the 2016 Wisconsin Lake Convention workshop lecture

Suggestions for improving our network are always encouraged.