Websites for Wisconsin Lake Organizations

Lakekit Memo – July 2017

Hosting Move Planned for August

We have mentioned several times in past memos our plan to move to a different hosting service this summer. Our current plan is to make this move mid-August. I will send the move date as soon as that is determined. Those members without their own domain name should not have to do anything for this move. However, those members who have their own domain name will need to replace the nameservers at their site registrar with new ones. I will send the new nameservers to those who need them once I have them. If anyone will not be available to update their nameservers during the mid-August timeframe, please contact me so that we can make other arrangements. Keep in mind that the first part of site addresses (URLs) will change from http:// to https:// with the move so that our internet transmission data will then be encrypted to help prevent intruders from seeing private information.

Network Operation Planning

Along with the move to a more appropriate hosting platform mentioned above, Karen Reynolds and I are evolving a plan to maintain several years ahead. One of the key issues to keep the cost per site low is continuing to do most network management tasks through volunteers. So we are still seeking a techie volunteer to help with those aspects of the network management. I am hoping to reduce my network responsibilities starting in 2019. And Karen plans to take on more administrative responsibilities as we move toward that time. If you know of anyone to contact regarding the technical responsibilities, please let Karen* or me know. Also to assure ourselves of a quality network in the near term as well as prepare for the future, we plan to arrange for some degree of technical support from a web development business starting later this year. That way, the network can keep up with the continuing evolution of WordPress but still rely on volunteers to the degree they are available. The network continues to build a fund for obtaining professional help if needed. But shifting more technical support to a professional business over time could mean either increasing the annual site fee and/or increasing the total number of members through a solicitation program. As we continue our planning, we welcome your comments on how to make our network the best it can be.

Facebook group

 Six network members have agreed to test a discussion group. Initially, we were considering setting up a Google Group, but most were interested is using a Facebook Group instead. Toward this end, Mike Bohn has set up the LakeKitTalk group at Facebook. The six of us plan to “practice” using this discussion group in coming weeks. We will keep you updated on our progress.