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Lakekit Memo – November 2016

Hi Lakekit Members, below is the Lakekit Network memo for November.

  1. 2017 Membership. The $50 fee can be paid anytime prior to December 31st of this year. If you have already paid for 2017, please ignore this request. Two options are available to pay this fee.
    • On-line. Visit and click the “Join or Renew Membership” link at the bottom right. You will first be asked to fill in your name, email address, and organization name. Then, on a new screen, you will click a BuyNow button to visit PayPal where you can make the payment with a charge card.
    • Paper Mail. Send a check to the following address:
      Optidat – Larry Bresina
      320 Burlington Rd.
      St. Paul, MN  55119
  2. Alternate Network Administrator Search/Interim Plans. We are still seeking a volunteer to function as a backup network administrator should the current network administrator (me) be unavailable. The recent survey results indicated a strong interest in fulfilling this need so we will continue this search. In the absence of finding this volunteer, Karen Renolds has kindly agreed to hold access information for network administration and hosting. Karen is a network member who has helped in this way previously. Should I not be available to resolve a significant network-wide issue such as site access being unavailable for several hours, please contact Karen ( who will in turn contact the hosting service to see if it can resolve the issue. If the hosting service believes the issue is not a problem it is responsible for, Karen will then contact a web service business I have designated to investigate the issue.
  3. Lake Convention Workshop Planning. Early next year I plan to start work for another WordPress workshop for the 2017 Lake Convention. Recommendations on improving last year’s workshop guide are welcome – [access info removed]
  4. Members Only Access. The content in the Members Only page and the Lakekit Blog under that tab require a password. Please send me an email if you need that password. The Lakekit Blog is an archive of these periodic memos.
  5. WordPress Question – What are Revisions? Every WordPress edit page (or post) has a “Screen Options” tab at the top right. Checking any option causes that feature to display either to the right or below the editing area. Revisions is one of the options. Each time a page is published, the previous version is saved as a “Revision” in case of a need to return to that version or an earlier version. Your network administrator occasionally runs a plugin that deletes all revisions except the most recent 10 revisions.
  6. WordPress Question – What Is Search Engine Indexing? During the site building process, the usual recommendation is to check the box “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”at Dashboard –> Settings –> Reading. This greatly reduces the chance of someone visiting your site while you are building it because the exact site address would need to be known. When ready to make your site available to your lake organization and other interested visitors, unchecking this box is usually recommended. The site will then be indexed which means someone can find the site through searching, without knowing the exact address. Search engine indexing is very important for sites that want to be found such as a commercial site selling a product. Most of our members have unchecked the box once they are ready to share the site but not all. The choice is up to the organization.

I wish you an enjoyable Thanksgiving,