Websites for Wisconsin Lake Organizations

Lakekit Memo – November 2017

Planning Update

We continue to progress in arranging to transition our network in 2018 to a more sustainable operation. These negotiations are with our current volunteer network management (Larry and Karen), UW-Extension-Lakes, Wisconsin Lakes (the state-wide non-profit helping protect lakes), and a web services business. UW-Extension-Lakes and Wisconsin Lakes are enthusiastically offering their participation in this project to provide lake organizations opportunities to have websites at low expense and effort. At its meeting in December, the Board of Directors of Wisconsin Lakes will be asked to take on the financial responsibility for our network, with a transition during 2018. We will continue to update you on this project as new information becomes available.

2018 Membership Renewal

Yes, it’s time to renew your 2018 membership, if you have not done that. You can renew on-line in the sidebar of the membership page or send a $50 check to Larry Bresina, 320 Burlington Rd. St. Paul, MN 55119. Please complete your renewals before the end of the year.