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Links are a section of text or an image that when clicked on delivers a site user to a designated internet page.

This text “” is linked to the home page of basicsite-2. When “basicsite-2” is clicked in the previous sentence, the browser takes its user to
To create that link, first select the text to become a link.
Then select the paperclip editing icon.
Enter the page address the link is to go to in the URL box, or paste the page address if you have navigated to it in a separate window and placed it on your clipboard.
Click the gear icon (Link options)
Check the “Open in a new tab” box if desired.
Click the “Update” or (“Insert link”) button.
The link text will change characteristics to indicate the text is a link, usually a different color. The theme usually determines the text characteristics of a link.

  1. With the Elementor text editor widget, creating image links can be done as follows. Insert the image into the text area by positioning the cursor where the image should be placed in the Elementor editing panel. Click “Add Media,” then click on the image to be added from the Media Library. Click on “Insert into post” and then Update the page. 
  2. With the Elementor image widget, a “link to” drop-down menu is available to choose the image you wish to insert.

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