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Mailchimp Step 1: Signing up for a free account

This tutorial covers the steps to signing up for a free Mailchimp account.
The steps are
  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on Sign Up Free button
  3. Supply a User Name, Email, and password to sign up for the site
  4. Click Get Started! Button
  5. Check email for activation link
  6. Click on activation link
  7. Click I’m not a robot button
  8. Choose your plan which is the free plan and should already be highlighted
  9. Fill in personal information.
  10. Choose no for contact
  11. Click continue on the Connect social media page
  12. Click Not right now on the Let’s find your marketing path page
  13. Don’t pick any of the options on the Account ready, Freddie page and click the Let’s go button