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Mailchimp Step 2: Connecting WordPress to Mailchimp via Mailchimp API​

This tutorial covers the steps to connect your WordPress site to your Mailchimp account via the Mailchimp API.

The steps are

  1. Navigate to and click on Login to enter your account
  2. Enter your User name and Password
  3. Login verification via email
  4. Got to email and get code
  5. Copy code, past into verification page and submit code
  6. Login to your WordPress site
  7. Go to dashboard
  8. Go to Easy form setting
  9. Right click on “Get your API key here” and open in another tab
  10. Go to new tab
  11. Go to Your API keys section of page and click Create A Key button
  12. Scroll down to Your API Keys and copy your API key
  13. Go back to Easy Forms setting page and paste API key in the Mailchimp API key space and remember to click on save change. You should now see a green box that reads connected
  14. Next go to  Elementor, Integrations, Mailchimp and past in the API key, click on Validate API Key and once the key is validated scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes