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Mailchimp Step 3: Setting up Mailchimp Groups

This tutorial covers the steps to set up Mailchimp groups to be able to focus and target your sign up better. Groups allow for your users to self select what email lists they want to be part of. By using groups you can have different kinds of email list and different kinds of information that users can sign up for.

The steps are for this tutorial are
  1. Navigate to and login to the site
  2. Navigate to Audience
  3. Navigate to Settings, Manage Audience, Publicity settings and make sure No, my campaigns for this audience are not public is selected and save settings
  4. Using the navigation bar at the top of the Settings section click on  Manage Contacts and then scroll down to Groups
  5. Click on create group and create the group 
  6. Select the button type, create a group category,  and then add a group name.
  7. Once you have created all the groups you need click Save.