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Thank you for all the technical support and encouragement you provided as our website was set up for the Waushara County Watershed Lakes Council / WCWLC.

WCWLC wanted to be able to provide an online source of information both to our 30-member lake and river groups as well as to the public and our local communities. The Lakekit network template was very helpful and with the included online resources, and available e-mail support, I felt comfortable building and previewing changes as the website was built. It was a great stress reducer to know that you could preview your changes before updating the website.

Now we have an online resource that provides our WCWLC meeting dates, agendas, minutes, and financial reports to allow members to look at current and past meeting information in a central location.

Probably the best feature from the Lakekit design template is the “What’s New” section on our Home page where we can post the most current information in a place that’s easy to find. It alerts our members to new issues, such as lake district legislation proposed, passed, and signed into law.

Often times information and speaker presentations that are shared at a meeting may be needed later, and our website allows anyone to retrieve whatever data is needed or refer others to our resources. We also use the website to showcase the projects we’ve engaged in to document activities as well as what our issues are to manage our lakes and rivers in Waushara County.

The photo gallery is especially appreciated since it can provide examples of lake group projects, ways to engage lake group members in healthy lake management or inspire more groups to set up their own projects. We hope it also stimulates collaboration between groups/members to solve common problems. Our website also includes a protected/log-in required tab that holds the current list of lake groups and their contacts now that security/phishing e-mail concerns are a reality.

We appreciate that with the Wisconsin Lakes and UW-Ex Lakes collaboration, their expertise and educational benefits will make our skillset and lake management knowledge stronger. We also appreciate the Lakekit volunteers who provide support and updates.

Thanks for all the Lakekit network help to get us this far. We look forward to future opportunities as the Lakekit network grows.

Marty Wilke – WCWLC website manager
Waushara County Watershed Lakes Council