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Add a PayPal Button

Using Easy Accept Payments for PayPal Plugin supports adding a PayPal button to Pay for a purchase. Here are the steps:

  1. These instructions assume you have a PayPal account.
  2. Visit Dashboard -> Plugins and activate Easy Accept Payments for PayPal if it is not yet activated.
  3. Visit Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Payment PayPal
    A window with options to select or fill in is displayed.
  4. Easy Accept Payments for PayPal Title:
    These instructions are for adding a PayPal button to a page so this entry can be ignored.
  5. Paypal Email address:
    This entry is very important because the email address entered MUST be the same as that assigned to the PayPal account you are using.
  6. Choose Payment Currency:
    US dollars are pre-selected for you.
  7. Payment Subject:
    This entry will help identify the transaction as the payment is processed.
  8. Payment Options:
    One or several payment options may be added for the button.
    For example, several items (tee-shirt (large), tee-shirt (medium), tee-shirt (small) could be listed.
    The box to the left of “Price” is a description such as “Annual Dues – $20.00”, or “tee-shirt (medium) – $12.00”.
    The box to the right of “Price” is the number in dollars (no dollar sign $ included) to be paid such as 15.50.
  9. Show Other Amount:
    Check if allowing the payer to enter his/her own amount, for example a donation.
  10. Show Reference Text Box: and Reference Text Box Title:
    An additional reference to the purchase may be added.
    Leaving this unchecked keeps the button information clean and simple.
  11. Return URL from PayPal:
    This address is where the purchaser will end up after submitting the payment and selecting “Return to Merchant”.
  12. Cancel URL from PayPal: 
    This address is where the visitor ends up if he/she chooses the cancel link when at the PayPal site.
  13. Choose a Submit Button Type: Pick either a Pay Now or Donate button.
  14. Add the following shortcode in brackets and without the quotation marks in a text box where you want the payments options to appear: “wp_paypal_payment”
  15. Click the “Update Options” button at the bottom of the setup page to save the setup.
  16. A video is also available with instructions to watch.