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Creating A RSS News Page

By default WordPress can utilize a form of connection call an RSS feed to allow web sites to share posts and website content. 

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is used to share posts and site content between websites. 

By creating an RSS feed collector called a News Aggregator you can create a page from other sites stories and post.

This allows you bringing valuable information to your users without having to spend the time to create the content yourself

Steps to adding an RSS news page

Step 1: Download template

Download the Elementor RSS News Aggregator template file

RSS News Aggregator

Save it a a location you will remember you will need to access this file later

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Step 2: Import template

Steps to import template
  1. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Click Templates found right under the Elementor Link in the left hand menu
  3. Click Import Templates at the top of the page
  4. Click Choose File to add the file
  5. Navigate to where you downloaded The RSS News Aggregator file and select it then click open
  6. Now click the Import Now button

Step 3: Add the template to a page

Steps to adding template to a page

  1. Create a page you want to add the template to
  2. Give the page a title and category than publish the page
  3. Click Edit with Elementor
  4. Click The grey folder to select the template
  5. Click My Templates
  6. Select rss-news-stream-aggregator
  7. Publish page
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Step 4: Find RSS feed

To find the RSS feed for a site you are looking for add either /rss or /feed to the end of the domain root you want to use.
If I want to use the RSS feed of the Wisconsin DNR’s Event Calendar I would point my browser to
This points me to a page that has a link to the DNR Event Calendar. 
It looks something like this

Step 5: Add RSS feed to page

Steps to adding New RSS feed to page

  1. Create a new section on the page to add the new aggregator segment by clicking on the red plus sign and selection one of the layouts
  2. Click on the 3×3 squares in the right side of the Elementor widget section
  3. Type RSS in the search widget field
  4. Drag and drop the RSS Feed Widget into the new section you had created
  5. Past the url of the website you want to add
  6. Give the section a title
  7. Maybe change the number of feeds to show
  8. Click apply
  9. If happy Update the page to save your work
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