The survey below is intended to obtain the opinion of members on how to operate this lake organization website network in 2017 and beyond. Your opinion will help make the network a valuable tool for lake organizations in Wisconsin. Please feel free to provide your name and email address, but only if you wish to.

    3. Has the network met your organization's expectations so far?

    4. Two hours of free help are again planned next year for new members. For repeat members next year, what would help improve your organization's site building and maintenance operation? Check all that apply.
    Help at a discounted rateImproved help information at lakekit.netMembers ask for help from other members through an email group membership.Continue monthly emails from the network administrator on pertinent or requested topicsAccess to an updated workshop guide (last used at 2016 Lake Convention) on using the WordPress Network for Wisconsin Lake Organizations.

    5. A $50 membership fee will again apply next year. This fee pays for hosting and professional services if needed. Does your lake organization plan to continue membership in 2017?
    YesNot sureNoWe already renewed for next year.

    5a. If you did not answer "Yes" in item 5 above, please select the closest explanation for why your organization may not renew membership?
    People not available to devote the time needed to build and maintain the site.People not consistently available to provide the content needed for a useful site.We think a different site builder system would suit us better.We think hiring a professional website design service will suit our organization better.We decided we don't need a website.

    6. Larry Bresina is currently the only network administrator. Providing an alternate network administrator is important for timely corrective action should the primary administrator not be available. Check all options you recommend to be considered for designating an alternate network administrator?
    Wait until the current network administrator is unavailable to provide corrective action and then figure out a solution.Retain a professional service to step in if the current network administrator cannot be available to correct issues.Find a volunteer who is proficient in WordPress network management and is available to help with network administration.Find a volunteer who wants to learn to be proficient in WordPress network management and help with network administration.

    7. Do you recommend that a workshop on using the network be provided at next year's Wisconsin Lake Convention?

    8. Please add any additional comment you think is important to the success of the network.

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