Please complete the survey below to help improve our network of Wisconsin lake organization websites. Click the “Send” button at the bottom after filling in the survey. The survey can be completed in less than 5 minutes, not counting comments. Of course we do appreciate any comments. To prevent invalid submissions, the name of the lake organization is required.

The results of this survey will be made available to all members. Published results will not show how any lake organization responded.

Your opinion is very important. Thanks for your help!

    2. Is your website an important component of your organization’s communication process?
    YesMinor importanceNo

    Optional comment - what, if anything, needs improvement?.

    3. Has the network been meeting your organization's expectations?
    YesNot CompletelyNo

    Optional comment - what changes would you recommend?.

    4. Is your organization getting enough help from network management to build, maintain, and improve your site?
    YesMore help would be good to have.No

    Optional comment - what should the network do to help?.

    5. Would you occasionally like to ask for help from other members?

    5a. If you answered "Yes" in item 5 above, please select the closest explanation for preferred help.
    Send questions in an email to a group of members who have offered to help.Post questions on our Facebook Group Lakekit Talk.Use a phone conference call for members to ask questions.

    6.Would you like better options to enhance your site with color, images, slides... than currently available?

    Optional comment - Describe options desired.

    7. A $50 membership fee will again apply next year. This fee pays for hosting and professional services if needed. Does your lake organization plan to continue membership in 2018?
    YesNot sureNoWe already renewed for next year.

    If not, what change would be needed for you to renew?.

    8. Starting In 2019, we may not have enough volunteer help to do all the technical management tasks needed to keep the network running smoothly. Plans are to contract for this maintenance support. Paying for this support could be through increasing the number of members and/or increasing the membership fee. If increased membership is insufficient to pay for the needed maintenance support, which choice below most closely fits your organization’s ability to pay annually starting in 2019:
    We could handle a fee increase to $200.We could handle a fee increase to $150.We could handle a fee increase to $100.The fee must stay at $50.

    9. If you know of someone to contact that might be interested in volunteering for some of the network technical tasks, please enter contact information below.

    10. Please add any additional comment below.

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