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Page Aggregator

Page aggregator helps to define what information is seen on a given page.

On the page, the post aggregator contains the teaser information for the rest of the post.

  1. Post Featured Image
  2. Post Title
  3. Post Meta Data (date, author, comments)
  4. Post excerpt
  5. Link to post
In the Dashboard, menus are found under the Appearance tab.
  1. Select Page
  2. Select Add New
  3. Add page title
  4. Category for the page
    1.  Enter Aggregator as the category
  5. Select either Save Draft or Publish
  1. Click Edit with Elementor
Select the Posts widget (under the “Pro” heading) and drag it over.
  1. Set Skin to Classic
  2. Columns set to 4
  3. Posts per page set to 8
  4. Image size set to Large
  5. Leave Metadata as is
  6. Click UPDATE
  7.  Change “Read More Text” wording if you wish
  8. Click UPDATE
  9. Click on Query
  1. Set Source to Posts
  2. Select Include
  3. Include by Term
  4. Set Term to Category: post
  5. Set Order by to Date
  6. Set Order to DESC for descending order
  7. Click UPDATE
  1. Set Pagination to Numbers+Previous/Next
  2. Page Limit empty
  3. Set alignment to centered
  4. Click UPDATE