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Section 4: Setting up the header

In this section we will go over  the different parts of the header and how to make changes to the header to make it unique for your site.

From your Dashboard, you can select Templates > All and select your Header Template, or while logged in to your site, click on Edit with Elementor on the top black Menu bar and select your Header template.

Table of Contents:

Section 4a Image/Logo
Section 4b Background Image
Section 4c Navigation Menu
Section 4d Spacer

Section 4a Image/Logo

Parts of the Header

The Header is made up of a site title area, a spacer, and a menu area.

By using Elementor you are able to move, change, add or subtract widgets to create content.

Section 4b Background Image

Background Image

To edit the background image start by clicking the blue box to access the Edit Section under the Style tab

This will give you access to:

  • The Image section where you can change the image.
  • The position section where you can set the placement of the image.
  • The attachment section which controls whether the image is stationary(fixed) or moves(scrolls).
  • The repeat section which tells the image to fill the space by repeating itself.
  • The size section which defines how the image fills the container.

Click update to confirm or “commit” any changes.

Section 4c Navigation Menu

Edit Navigation Menu

Click on the blue pencil to engage the edit nav menu section.

You can pick which menu you want to use.

You can also choose to change the layout, the alignment, the pointer, and the submenu indicator.

Remember to click update to commit to any changes.

Section 4d Spacer

Edit Spacer

You can also edit any spacers in the header that were inserted for positioning reasons and make them larger or smaller.