Section 5: Creating A Post

Section 5: Creating A Post

In this section we will be going over how to create a basic post.

A basic post is made up of 3 basic parts

  1. A Title
  2. A story
  3. An image (in some cases you don’t even need the image but I would suggest otherwise)

Posts work best when they are kept to one thing.

  • A single meeting’s minutes
  • A single story
  • An article about an upcoming event

Section 5a Parts


The important parts to a post are

  1. Title – something catchy
  2. Category – one or two words that best describe the post
  3. Featured Image – image that ties into the post

Section 5b Order of operation


This is a suggested order of operation to creating a post

  1. Title
  2. Category
  3. Feature Image
  4. Click to Publish

Section 5c Accessing Elementor


Once you have clicked publish once, now click the Edit with Elementor button. This will allow you to add content to your post.

Section 5d Adding Content


Using Elementor drag over a text editor widget and add in any text you like. You can add any of the widgets that will help tell the story.

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