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Section 8: Menus

A menu is nothing more than a list of things we group together so as to make thing easier to find later on.

In other words we group like items together so that they will be easier to find.

In this section we will go over

  • The basics of the menu
  • How to create a menu
  • How to add items to the menu

Table of Contents:
Section 7a Basics of the menu
Section 7b Name the menu
Section 7c Select content
Section 7d Move items around

7a Basics of the menu

In the Dashboard  menus are found under the Appearance tab.

Menu parts

  1. Create New Menu link
  2. Add menu items
    1. Pages, Post, Custom Links and Categories
    2. Select what you want to add to your menu and click Add to Menu
  3. Menu Structure
    1. Drag and drop system
    2. Click and drag menu items where you want them to go.
    3. Item can be nested
  4. Save Menu
  5. Delete Menu

7b Name the menu

  1. Add a name for the Menu
  2. Click Create Menu button

7c Select Content

  1. Select items to add to the menu
  2. Click Save Menu

7d Move items around

  1. Move the menu items by grabbing and dragging them up or down
    1. You can move items under other items, this is called nesting
  2. Click Save Menu to save your menu