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What’s an online sitebuilder?

A Sitebuilder is software that is accessed online that allows the construction and maintenance of websites without the need of manual code editing.

Here is an article by someone that has tested and rated many of the available sitebuilder systems. – more info»

Examples of online  site builders 

Is WordPress a sitebuilder?

WordPress is considered a content management system or CMS and is not considered a sitebuilder.

Site builders focus on front end simplified control systems that offer users features such as drag and drop systems while limiting aspect such as third party integration, truly unique site customization or the ability to add new features.

WordPress begins as a CMS and then adds in the sitebuilder features by incorporating  plugin such as Elementor, Beaver builder, Page Builder and through the use if it’s modular based design WordPress extend it’s workflow to match the necessity of the website owner and the people that enjoy using the website.