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What are Widgets?

Widget are small predesigned self encapsulated programs designed to place specific information on a webpage. 

What are Widgets used for?

Widgets have been known to be used as calendar,  login portal,  menus, background images, to display feeds from other sites, to display feeds from within the site, to display newest posts and list of users currently on the site.
In short widgets are used to display any piece of information that website administrators maybe wanted to be shared with users that a website administrator may not want to take the time to build the code themselves. 

Elementor Widgets

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a drag and drop content management system that uses certain predefined widgets to place content on any given page.

A a description of using widgets to create content can be found in the “Step by Step” instructions for pages at

What are Elementor Widgets?

Elementor widgets are the small programs that display certain kinds of information on a page or post. Elementor is able to do this by implementing a system of containers and widgets to display the content you want to share.  When the Elementor plugin is used on a page or post, the 9-dot icon at the top right on the edit with elementor page lists all the widgets available to use inside the Elementor editing space. Typically, a theme template (not the same as our network site templates) that has no sidebars is used with Elementor so that widgets can be placed in any row or column of the content area. With Elementor, sidebars are not used, because widgets can be placed wherever desired.

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